Usage of SciTE Japanese Translation & 1.62+ Pack

This package is my local work on SciTE and Scintilla, especially use in Japanese.

This package is distributed on, currently.

Term of use

Original Lisence of SciTE and Scintilla is written in OriginalLicense.txt.

And my works mentioned below, included in this package, is licensed under a Creative Commons License. Creative Commons License


This package includes below.

jalocale - SciTE Japanese Translation.

The folder jalocale includes Japanese version of "" On MS Windows, you have to fix to 932 and character.set to 128 in Global or User Option file. I don't know how to on other OSs.

162plus - Sci* binary for MS Windows including new wrap mode.

The folder 162plus includes binaries for MS Windows. They have new "Character-wrap" mode likes Tcl/TK, used for the situation/language where word-wrap is meaningless.

Additinally, if you are translator, you can write your names or others by your own language/encodings in the file "" Then go and see Options -> About.

Scite.exe, Sc1.exe, Dll and Lib of Scintilla are available. But I compiled them MS Visual C++ 2003 Toolkit, so no debug information is.

Note: If you use SciTE.exe, you needs original version of SciTE 1.62. Then, overwrite exe and dll files with 1.62+ files.

I will try to contribute these source code after this package is uploaded.

SciTEDocJa, ScintillaDocJa - Japanese translated manual documents of.

These folders have Japanese translated version of manual documents of Scite and Scintilla. Now I have not use Scintilla itself yet, so translation of Scintilla may have mistakes.

Jan 29, 2005 Suzumizaki-Kimitaka, (At-mark should be placed on first dot.)
Feb 15, 2005: Fixed bug on SciTE Editor. Output-wrap menu works correctly now.
Feb 09, 2005: Some fix and rebuild binary.
Feb 08, 2005: Some notation added.