Generally, you don’t have to know read here. Please read sortorder extension.

The order definition to sort Esperanto words.

copyright:© 2011-2015 by Suzumizaki-Kimitaka(鈴見咲君高).
license:2-clause BSD

The language esperanto has 6 diacritical marked alphabet. C^, G^, H^, J^, S^ and U with breve.

These characters ordered just after non marked chars, such as C, G, H, J, S and U.

class sortorder.eo.SortOrderEo

The sort order for Esperanto

Q, W, X and Y are not used as Esperanto words, but some acronym may be used without translating for Esperanto.


Return sortable string as Esperanto word.

Parameters:c (str_or_unicode) – the character, means len(c) == 1
Return type:str(Python 3) or unicode(Python 2)
Returns:converted string used for sorting

The parameter c sholud be a character, means len(c) == 1. Return value is string which length is 2. This function returns U^ for Ŭ, used internal only.


Return the sort order object defined in this module

Parameters:cfg (sphinx.config.Config) – you can give from Sphinx with app.config, builder.config etc.
Return type:SortOrderEo
Returns:the object of the class inherits SortOrderBase.

Indend to be called by sortorder.get_default_sort_order().


Extend the Sphinx as we want, called from the Sphinx

Parameters:app (sphinx.application.Sphinx) – the object to add builder or something.
Return type:None